Let your know-how make an impact.

pikō is reaching out beyond platform borders.

Pikō connects people along your content, not just through channels.

This is where true engagement happens.

Watch our video to see pikō connecting people.

pikōs are independent micro-sites.

Focused on topic, clearly structured, understandable at a glance.

pikōs can contain images, videos and external links. Create and update pikōs with the pikō-app with no-code.

pikōs feel at home everywhere.

Integrating with all workflows and ecosystems.

pikōs can be embedded into all social media views and browsers.

No additional effort for you as content creator.

pikōs reach out and connect.

Involving people into your contents’ growth.

pikōs are not only shareable, they can be copied! And edited. And copied again. Everyone can contribute.

The magic is – All pikōs remain connected to their root. Your content reaches out, but always keeps the connection to you.

And everyone can join the conversation along these lines. Teaching or learning, everyone matters.

Let’s talk about topics, not about channels.

pikō is starting public beta soon.

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